Baby bedding

Your soon to be expecting a baby and now your probably wondering what kind of baby bedding is safe for your baby. The best fabric to choose for the bedding is a 100% cotton. When buying a fitted sheet, make sure you buy something that fits snuggly against the crib mattress. Also, make sure you buy the correct sheet size measurements for the mattress and make sure the sheet has elastic corners.

Choosing a bumper pad for the crib is just as important. Bumper pads are used to keep the arms and legs of the baby in the crib. When shopping for a bumper pad, more and likely you will find a bumper pad with a bedding package which includes sheets and comforter. Once you actually put the bumper pad in the crib, make sure it fits tightly and isnít too fluffy or full. Also make sure the ties of the bumper pad are short and outside the crib. Some experts are now recommending not to use bumper pads. Reason being the bumper pad may actually put the baby at risk for suffocation. I would recommend waiting to use a comforter when your baby is older. When using a blanket choose a light thin weight blanket. A baby sleeps better on a flat surface, so a pillow isnít necessary for your baby. Plus a pillow can lead to suffocation. When buying the bedding for the crib, it would be nice if you purchased several fitted sheets and thin blankets. That way if you have to throw something in the wash, you can immediately make up the bed with clean sheets.

Now you have the choice to shop at a local store or online. If your having a girl you might pick colors in pink and pastels. If your having a boy you might want to pick colors in blue and darker type of colors. Whatever baby bedding you decide to choose, make sure itís safe and enjoy your baby while you can.