Baby clothes

Buying baby clothes can be such a fun experience. It doesnít matter if I am buying clothes for my baby, or someone elseís. I always enjoy myself each and every time I shop. If your going to start shopping soon for your baby, here are some of my suggestions. Pick clothes that are 0-3 months in size. If clothes are any bigger, they wonít fit your baby properly. Which will cause you to have to buy more clothes, or return the original ones for more. Since your baby will be growing faster than you could imagine, try and not buy to many clothes. Reason being is you baby will just out grow everything really fast and a lot of clothes will be purchased for nothing.

Another word of advice is donít over spend on clothes. Now and than I think it is ok to splurge, but try not to do it to often. I personally like to shop at consignment stores. Many, of the clothes here are really cheap and donít even look worn. Sometimes you can even find great prices on name brand clothes. Some of my friends tell me they like to shop on EBay. They tell me sometimes you can find clothes in bulk on here. Bids often start low on here, so if you like great deals, you should give Ebay a try. I also noticed that the local newspaper has some great deals on baby clothes. Sometimes you can get clothes in bulk here as well. So make sure you keep as eye out on your local paper.

When purchasing baby clothes check for any loose buttons, snaps, and ribbons. You donít want your newborn to wear anything that has choking hazards on it. I always feel itís better to be safe than sorry. Where ever you decide to shop, just remember to have fun!