Baby clothing

Soon your little one will be arriving. Many decisions will need to be made and baby clothes is one of them. Pick clothes that are 0-3 months is size. Picking sizes any bigger will cause your baby to have clothes that donít fit properly. If clothing is to big, their arms and legs just slide out of the sleeves. Another word of advice is donít purchase too many clothes. Your baby will grow so fast and more likely will out grow everything really soon. Plus your family and friends will probably be buying lots of clothes for your new baby to be. Many people over buy on baby clothes because they canít resist the temptation. Remember your baby can only wear one outfit at a time, and you can take the extra money that you spend on clothes and spend it on something else much needed for your baby.

Now you can buy clothes at different places and there are a lot of choices. Consignment shops are great places to shop. So many of the clothes are cheap and donít even look worn. You can even buy named brand clothes for your baby here as well. I have purchased Oshkosh clothes for my baby for about $1.50 each. You canít beat those prices and your baby ends up looking so cute in these outfits. Yard sales is another great place to shop. If you like bargain hunting, this is definitely the way to shop for your newborns clothes. Now itís a good idea to wash any used clothes you have purchased. Also look for any loose buttons, snaps, and ribbons. You donít want anything to be a choking hazard on the clothes for your newborn. Itís always better to be safe than sorry. Where ever you decide to shop for your babyís clothes, just remember to have fun.