Baby food

Every Pediatrician is different and will have different views on when a baby should start on certain baby foods. Although pretty much each baby is started out on the same foods. Between 4-6 months your doctor may start your baby on a iron fortified rice cereal.

Next you may start a vegetable, and than you may start your baby on a fruit. Some babies will eat more or less baby food than others. Each baby is different so there are no definite guidelines. If your baby keeps eating and still looks for more then offer more food. If your baby turns away while during a feeding, more than likely your baby is full.

When starting your baby out on solid food, you should introduce new foods slowly, one at a time. By adding foods slowly, your baby will be getting used to each new taste and texture. Make sure watch out for signs of allergic reaction to each food introduced. Signs of a allergic reaction include diarrhea, tummy aches, and rashes. Your baby should be eating three times a day. By the time your baby is eight months old, you may want try and introduce finger foods. Some parents prefer to buy baby food at the store, while others parents prefer to make their own baby foods. No matter what you choose, the choice is up to you.

What ever you decide to do, you may notice that you have a picky eater. If that happens to be the case, you can always take the food away, and donít offer any alternatives. If your child dislikes a baby food over another, try mixing that food with that particular baby food with something your baby likes instead. You can also introduce smaller portions and gradually build up to bigger amounts. Eventually meal time will be something your baby will look forward to each and every time.