Baby furniture

Sometimes when parents purchase furniture for their baby, most only think about color, style, and comfort. Did you know you should also be thinking about safety too? Usually injures involve children less than 12 months of age. The best suggested safety measure is supervision. If you decide to leave the room, have someone else watch the baby, if thatís not possible take the baby with you.

When setting up the bed for your baby, make sure you donít place the bed to close to heaters, windows, and electrical outlets. Also, make sure you donít place anything near the bed where it can fall in. If you decide to get a stroller, make sure you or no one else puts shopping bags on the strollers handles. If your baby falls a sleep in a stroller, donít allow him to be left alone while sleeping. Everyday many children fall from their highchairs.

When you decide to purchase a highchair, consider buying one with a sturdy design, safety belt, and a tray that canít be moved by the baby. When using the highchair, never put the chair where the child can grab anything. A changing table is another dangerous piece of furniture. Babies frequently fall from changing tables so make sure you keep one hand on you baby at all times.

Baby walkers are are dangerous too. Most pediatricians are asking parents not to use baby walkers. Reason being babies have little control over their direction and speed. This can cause a baby to tip over. Adult furniture can also be unsafe. Most babies are curious and will climb on dressers, book cases, entertainment centers, etc throughout the home. If possible try bolt these things against the wall. If this isnít possible for you to do, close supervision is the only method to protect your baby.