Baby safety

Many parents worry about the safety of their baby. Your baby can get into cupboards, drawers, and other spaces. For this reason you will have to carefully lock up or move any poisonous or objects your baby could choke on. You can also use gates to control certain areas of the house your child has access to.

Protecting your child from dangerous things is a ongoing process. If you decide to use a gate that has a straight slat design. This kind of gate will keep your child out of a room thatís off limits. Also, make sure that the gate has a seal from the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association. If you decide to use a gate for the top of the stairs , make sure you use a gate that screws to the wall. These type of gates are more secure then the ones that stay up by using pressure.

Fires are a scary thing to think about, but itís best to prepare for ones just in case. Install smoke detectors in every room of the house. Every month make sure that the batteries are working. Itís best to use name brand batteries. Also make sure you change the batteries once a year. You and your family have fifty percent survival rate by having a smoke detector in your home. Itís also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in your house. If you havenít discussed it already, start talking about a escape route for your home just in case your home catches on fire.

There are so many more ways and safety products not discussed here on how you should protect your baby. All family members in the home should be aware of all the safely rules. Above all, supervision is the best way to keep your baby safe at all times.