Baby shower gift baskets

If you are thinking about getting a gift basket for someone’s baby shower you have two options. The easiest options is to purchase one that already has everything already in it. You can go to a local gift basket store that specializes in this type of thing, or you can buy one over the internet. If you decide to purchase online, you will find that there is more of a selection for you to choose from.

Another way for you to consider is to make a gift basket yourself. Creating a basket yourself can be a lot of fun. You can always create a basket by yourself or you can include the help from family and friends. There is so many things you can include in a baby basket. For example you can put stuffed animals, clothes, diapers, small toys, lullaby tapes, formula, books, and so much more. When choosing a basket pick one that is going to be big enough for all the items that is going into this.

Now you may want to decide if you want shredded paper or gift tissue in the basket. If you have any Easter basket grass, you may like to use that too. You can also include a greeting card for the baby. Some people wrap each gift in the basket while others just set each gift inside the basket. If you want to make each item a surprise for the mother, I would choose wrapping everything individually. Personally, I like putting everything unwrapped in the basket. After you place everything in the basket, you will want to place everything inside a clear or color tinted cellophane gift wrap. You may need two pieces of cellophane really it depends on how big the basket is. Next you’ll need to tie up the basket with a colorful ribbon and tape your card on the outside. When your done you’ll have a nicely arranged basket to take to the shower.