Baby showers

If youíre an expecting mother you might be wondering how everyone prepares for a baby shower. Traditionally, only one non-relative are to host a baby shower. However itís ok for your family to throw a shower for you too. Usually just one person does the hosting, but if another person would like to host, that would be perfectly acceptable also. Once someone steps up to take responsibility of your baby shower, many things will need to be done.

First, make a list of everyone you want to invite. There are many ways you can invite people. Most used way is a written invitation. You can purchase invitations at the store, but you can certainly make your own invitations if you would like. Other methods used for inviting people are calling people by phone or by emailing everyone. In each invitation be sure to include a theme, where the mom to be is registered at and where the shower is going to take place etc.

Now that you have the invitations out of the way, you need to figure out where you would like the baby shower to take place at. Many people choose to have the baby shower at the hostesses home, but you can certainly have it anywhere you could like. For example you can choose from having it at a restaurant, relatives home, or a park. The choice is really up to you. Most people prefer to have their baby shower a month or two before the due date. Donít have a baby shower close to the date just in case the baby decides to come early.

However which way you decide to have your baby shower, make sure you kick back and relax. This is a special time for you and your little one to be. Enjoy yourself and have someone take lots of pictures.